More Tommy Troubles is a custom Rugrats VHS released on July 8, 1997.

Episodes Edit

  1. Weaning Tommy
  2. Special Delivery
  3. Ruthless Tommy
  4. Momma Trauma
  5. Tommy and the Secret Club

Notes Edit

  • Distributed by Paramount Home Video.
  • The text and music for the end credits is from “A Rugrats Vacation.”
  • The Paramount still logo is taken from A Rugrats Vacation, Dr. Tommy Pickles, Make Room for Dil, and Artsy Antics.

Opening Previews Edit

  1. Good Burger teaser trailer
  2. Nicktoons on Videocassette promo
  3. Paramount Family Favorites trailer
  4. Hey Arnold! videos trailer
  5. Paramount Feature Presentation ID/Warning screen
  6. Paramount logo (1986-2002) (A Viacom Company byline)
  7. Nickelodeon Montage bumper

Closing Previews Edit

  1. Rugrats end credits
  2. Klasky Csupo logo (1991-1999, 2001-2003)
  3. Nickelodeon Balloon logo
  4. Paramount logo (1986-2002) (A Viacom Company byline) (Closing variant)