Tommy's Favorite Stories is a custom Rugrats video released on October 1, 1996.


1.Weaning Tommy

2.Special Delivery

3.Momma Trauma

4.Incident in Aisle Seven


2 Safety Queen Shorts


The previews are the same as Tommy Troubles except that the Nickelodeon bumper on this tape is the Singing Ants.

"Tommy's Favorite Stories" Previews


1.Harriet The Spy Trailer
2.Rugrats Videos Trailer
3.Paramount Family Favorites Trailer
4.Paramount Feature Presentation
5.FBI Warning Screens
6.Paramount Pictures Logo

7.Nickelodeon Singing Ants Bumper


1.Rugrats Credits

2.Klasky Csupo Graffiti Logo

3.Nickelodeon Spinning Top Logo

4.Paramount Pictures Closing Logo

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